The approach I take with Mosaic Photography to the story of your wedding can be summed up in three steps – capturing the story itself, sharing the story with you and yours, and preserving the story for the future.

Capturing the story of your wedding begins well before it. Once you contact me, we’ll begin a dialogue that includes all the details and logistics, but it’s also a discussion about what you both find inspiring in both aesthetic and atmosphere, and we’ll explore all the ways Mosaic will capture the story of the day. We’ll meet before the big day and capture a beautiful engagement story, as well, and I can even help you with any planning questions you or yours may have.

On the day of, capturing your story begins with arriving an hour before we even begin shooting the preparation stuff – I’ll set up the photo booth in the reception space so it’s all set and ready to fire up immediately following the ceremony for your guests to enjoy. That careful and dedicated approach carries over and continues through the timeline of your day. I’ll be prepared for anything – rain or shine – and I’ll work hard to capture everything as it’s unfolding and I’ll help guide you through all the different aspects of your day as comfortably as possible.

After your wedding is over, the next step begins – sharing it. Immediately following the wedding itself, within a few days, I’ll put together a batch of what I call “quick edits” for you to tide you over while you’re waiting for the full story to be finished, and these shots are always useful for the quick social media posts, “thank you” type cards being sent out, etc.

Once I’ve finished culling and curating your full wedding story, I’ll upload it to an easily accessible and user-friendly online gallery that’s backed up for ten years. In that online gallery, you can download the full file set or individual shots, and they’re all full resolution files, and all without watermarks.

Equally as important as capturing the story or sharing it is preserving it for the future and I take that responsibility very seriously. Preservation, for me, begins on my end. It’s my commitment to you that I will never discard your file set, no matter how far into the future. I back up every full wedding story (the raw files, the edited file set, the photo booth digitals, all of it) onto two different external hard drives that are stored in separate temperature controlled and impact-proof cases. If you ever lose the digital file set or your USB copy with the file set, I will never charge you for a replacement and I will always retain the story to be able to do so, if needed.

The tangible preservation I give to you will be in the form of a handcarved hardwood presentation box and, inside it, you’ll find a matching wooden USB drive containing your full wedding story file set, one hundred prints of your choice, and three keepsake corked glass vials.


What’s with the vials, you might ask? Imagine pulling out the presentation box five, ten, twenty years from now to show your family or friends the story of your wedding and being able to not only flip through prints from the day but being able to also uncork the vials and smell the smells of the day – whether that’s perfume, cologne, a bit from the champagne bottle you first opened for your toast, or bits of flowers from your bouquet or boutonniere. Reliving the story of your wedding should be about more than just the sights or sounds, and I’m happy to be able to provide you and yours with that opportunity to reminisce even more powerfully.