When we were looking for a wedding photographer I knew I wanted something special. I wanted something unique, artistic, and real. I didn't want my wedding photos to come out looking like every other set of wedding photos, I wanted real moments captured. When I came across Stephen's portfolio I knew that he would be the right choice to capture our day, and I could not have been more right. Not only is our complete wedding set beyond what I could have imagined, but his artistic style, and our personalities really come across. We got a little of everything: the standard formals, decor pictures, family portraits, and your anticipated wedding shots (all done with the "Stephen twist" as in: real, true, artistically composed) and we also got what can only be described as PURE ARTWORK. I'm talking about the kind of thing you want to hang our your wall based on aesthetic quality alone and not just because it was taken on happiest day of your life. Besides producing an incredible product, Stephen is extremely personable. He made everyone in our wedding party feel comfortable instantaneously. I really can't say enough good things about Stephen. He's an absolute gem of a human, in addition to being one of the most artistically talented photographers available to VT/NYC brides & grooms. Looking through our final set of pictures feels like reliving every emotion we experienced on our day, that's how effectively he captured our REAL moments.

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