One of the great additions to the Mosaic approach to weddings and events is the "open air" photo booth system. It's different from the traditional, enclosed photo booth systems in that you're not limited by how many people can fit inside -- it's set up in front of a backdrop, wall space, or killer view and as many people as can fit within the framing can join in the fun.


The system is fully automated, operating after just a single screen tap. You walk up to the system, tap the screen (the software I use prompts you -- "TAP TO START"), and get ready. Depending on how the system has been customized for your event, it'll take one to four pictures (or more!). Once the pictures are taken, the printer will take it from there. Whether you'd like the traditional 2"x6" strips or a full 4"x6" (the design is something we'll work on together!), the system prints the right out. You'll also get the digital files to both the strips or prints and each individual shot taken.



$800 full event duration (single day, single location, up to 8hrs in active use)

$500 full wedding reception duration (single day, single location, up to 8hrs in active use -- discounted if you've also booked us to shoot your wedding)

**includes a variety of props, from mustaches and other stuff on sticks to fun masks, chalk signs, and frames, but if you'd like something specific, feel free to reach out and we'll discuss what you have in mind!